Sunday, July 31, 2011

Goodbye Loni!

Today was Loni's last day at Grandma and Grandpa Bingham's house. I know she'll be going to her Granma's in Pocatello for {a week?} Then I think I heard she's off to California? Then perhaps back home? {Ya-I'm always the last to know everything}. We sure are going to miss this girl! If Addison's throwing a fit I can say "Do you want to go see Loni?" and she'll stop throwing her tantrum and start pointing to the door, saying "Oni". Addison and Loni became darned good friends while she was here! I hope Addison remembers her next time she's here!
Brogan loves Loni too. She's so good at getting him to do his cute little belly laugh!
I forgot my camera today as we were saying our goodbyes, but I did have these pictures from a couple of weeks ago. {They turned out great} I do still have more pictures of Loni to post {and hopefully some videos of the fair if I can figure them out}, but today was Loni's last official day with us, so I wanted to dedicate a little post to her. We will definitely miss Loni, but I'm sure her Mom is missing her more! Sure Love you Loni! Thanks for a fun filled summer!

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  1. How darn cute are they! I am glad that Loni got to spend lots of time with them. It is fun to have fun with cousins. Thanks for the post and pictures that you have taken. They are all great.