Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Wedding {Part 3} {The Reception}

After the wedding we went to lunch at the Olive Garden {my favorite!!} Then we had some REAL fun! We went... SHOPPING! So for those of you that live in very Urban places, you might now share my excitement for "Utah shopping". Seriously we went to Target and it wasn't anything like our Twin Falls target! Utah just has better stuff than we do! After Target {where I got some fantastic shoes (on sale) and got some sweet clothes and shoes for Addison} We went to Ikea. Holy Moley- NEVER been to Ikea before! I think I've found my new love! What an Awesome store! I got the kids an art easle for Christmas, and I also found some "fags" as Stewart calls them. :) LOVE It! Definitely have to go back!

After shopping we headed back to Provo for the reception. What a blast! It was such a simple, classy reception! I LOVED that they had a dance {one thing I wish I would've pushed harder for at our reception}. It was so funny- as soon as someone started dancing, it was like "cue Addison on the dancefloor!" We had to hold her back while the newlyweds had their first dance! We'll have to put that girl in some dance classes! Oh yes- BTW Stewart- you still owe me that dance that we DIDN'T have! :}

Stew's Uncle Bob and Aunt Linda on the dancefloor! {Don't remember if they were doing the cha-cha, Tango, or swing, but they were workin it!

Daddy and Addison having a dance
Grandpa and Loni shakin it on the dance floor!

Addison had to have a turn with Grandpa!
One of the first one's on the floor! Stewart's aunt Linda even asked me "How does she know to do that?!" What a natural :)
Are these two not just the cutest things?!?! There were several small cousins dancing together. How adorable!
After all these posts I just realized that I don't have a picture of the bride and groom! They were gorgeous together! It was a lovely wedding, and an Awesome reception! We had a great little mini-vacation!


  1. Wow! Great Post....but yeah were are the bride and groom! Haha! Funny. Thanks for fitting Loni in with ya and for taking some shots of her.

  2. Oh, thank you for posting these! I was so busy that day I don't remember a thing! We are so glad you were there with us--it really added to a special day.