Saturday, May 21, 2011

"Weight Loss Journey"

So to update you on my "weight loss journey".... ya- I suck at it. I haven't made a chart, and I haven't lost any weight. I have jazzercised 3 times this week {I was planning on going this morning, but Stew wanted to go try to win a house}, and I haven't had pop since Monday. {Until tonight that is}. Ya see- pop is sorta my drug of choice. In the past two days I've polished off a pack of cookies, and I think it's because I'm "in need" of something to get me through. So I've decided that until I don't "require" pop I'll allow myself to have a free night. Either Friday OR Saturday night I will be allowed a pop. {It's like having my wild night of the week -and also something I can "look forward to"} ;) So that's pretty much how crappily I'm doing.

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