Thursday, May 19, 2011


May 19, 2011
{A bit all over the place, but hey- what do you expect for 1:15 in the morning?}
  • This is what Addison's hair looked like this morning. {and she totally rocked it!} :)
  • We spent a TON of time outside today. I love to be outside, but I think Addison loves it more. She loves our kitty Roger {even though she's a mean little kitty}. She loves to sit in the chairs we have on our porch. She also loves the horse across the road. She often tries to sneak over to see it without us {naughty}. After a few good spankings, she's starting to learn that it's not okay to go over there without Mom or Dad. On some of the nicer days I've been going outside when the kids go down for a nap. I usual put on a pair of shorts, bring out my sudoku book, the radio and my phone and just enjoy the sunshine while the kids sleep. On this particular day I was all prepared before the kids went down for naps. Of course Addison had to do exactly what I was going to do. :)
  • I got almost all of my flowers planted in my pots. Hopefully I'll have some time tomorrow to finish them. Addison helped a lot. She liked to use the garden trowl to scoop dirt OUT of the pots. :)
Brogan was tuckered out at the end of today!
  • Grandma brought us lunch today. Along with lunch she brought some special circus cookies for Addison. That girl sure knows how to make a mess with food! She managed to get it all over her hands and face. I clicked a picture, then washed her up {like any good mean mom would do} :)
  • Our trees are in full bloom and they are beautiful! They smell good, look good, and they have attracted SO many bees!
  • I got Addison this sandbox a few weeks ago. I've been on the lookout for good outside toys for cheap and found this bad boy at DI for $6! {SCORE}. She loves to play in the sand, but she won't actually get IN the box. {what a girl!}
  • Tonight me and Stewart spent some time looking at Craigslist together. It was actually quite fun to look at some of the stuff people put on there, and it was hilarious the number of people who wanted big bucks for their "very nice, no stains, good condition" couches. Most of them looked like they were from the 60's. It was kind of a good way to spend our "after the kids are in bed" time, just laughing at the silly people on craigslist :).
  • The other day I found this note on my calendar on the fridge. (Don't worry- he didn't erase any plans on it, I still had April up there). He is such a sweetie!
  • Stewart is taking me on a date tomorrow. He won't tell me where we're going, but we need a babysitter. {I'm totally excited!} It's been too long since we've been on a "date" date. I'll be sure to take my camera and fill you in on all the details! {Have I mentioned before what a great husband I have?}

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