Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Big Date!

Yesterday was the big surprise date that Stewart planned for us. Let me just say that it was SO FUN! It was just like old times! {before kids} :). Stewart had the whole date planned out ahead of time, and he wouldn't tell me anything ahead of time. I asked all sorts of questions to try and crack him, but he knows me too well. (He wouldn't even tell me what to wear... boots or sandals? capris or long jeans? nice shirt or t-shirt? hoops or studs?... you know... serious stuff!)
So first we went to Shoshone Falls. It was BEAUTIFUL! The falls were really flowin! It was a beautiful day outside. There was a slight breeze, which made the mist spray us. I've never ever felt a mist when I've been to the falls and it was really neat -very romantic! :)
Just for the journaling record, this date was like a flashback to our {very} "newlywed" days. We held hands everywhere we went, Stewart opened my door for me everywhere we went, and we managed to sneak in a ton of kisses everywhere we went. It was a very sweet date. Made me remember how much I like that kind of sweet attention.
Stewart planned a picnic too! {I know you are jealous of my sweet husband}. He bought all the food while I was in the shower, packed it in a duffle bag, and put it in the back of the car. I didn't even notice it! {He's so clever}.
We had quite the spread! The menu consisted of PB&J, potato salad, capri suns, lofthouse cookies (AND) chewy chocolate chip cookies, cheesecake jello, and Salt & Vinegar chips {it kills me how well he knows me!}
Then we went to a movie {which Stewart bought the tickets for earlier in the week}. The new Priates of the Caribbean movie just came out, and we went to it in 3D baby! It was our first 3D movie {besides my Disneyland Bugs Life 3D experience), and I have to say I have mixed feelings about 3D. It was really neat, but sometimes it kind of gave me a headache. (Like when they were sword fighting, it was too high def). I think that movies were made to be watched in 2D, but it was fun, and I will say that I will probably watch more 3D movies in the future, because it was pretty neat.
After the movie started it was neat to look around at everyone, so intent on the movie and wearing these awesome glasses! Personally I think WE ROCK these glasses!

Thanks for the date Stewart! It was nice to be able to spend time with just you, and be able to remember how much fun we have when it's just the two of us. I Love you and am so glad that we have a whole eternity to spend with each other!

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