Saturday, May 21, 2011

Extreme Home Givaway!!!

Today we spent the day attempting to win a house, or a car, or a jet ski, {or a t-shirt -that was my goal}. Needless to say we didn't win any spectacular prizes, but we did win a free t-shirt :). Stewart spent a ton of time trying to get qualified to win the house. He got entered just two weeks ago (one of the last to get entered!) We were at the house by 10:20, and stood around and waited for what seemed like forever. Finally they had every one form a line to draw a number. Then they had everyone come in the order of the number they drew. Stewart drew number 136, so he was the 136th person to draw a code. Everyone drew a code out of the box and ten people's code opened the garage. Each of those ten people picked a prize packet. There were probably 100 different prizes (including the house, some cars, a jetski, a hot tub...) However, only the first 3 of 10 could win the house (if they were lucky enough to choose it out of the slew of prizes). {Are ya confused yet?} We checked on the Buzz's facebook page tonight and nobody won the house, or even any other cool BIG prize. There was a Roaring Springs weekend getaway, some recliners, and a $500 gift card that were won, but nothing like a house or car! {I think that made Stewart feel better about not winning}.

If you look really close you can see a part of Addison's head {like at the bottom of the left square on the garage door}. Obviously the door didn't open for Stewart :(
Stewart tried to open the door at noon, and it was a HOT two hours! {of course I forgot the sunscreen!} Luckily one of the neighbors was watering their lawn, which provided some much needed entertainment {and cooling down} for me and Addison.
Brogan was a good boy the whole day {of course!} He is such a happy little guy and I just love him SO much! Isn't he just too cute?
And isn't this guy just too cute?!?! He was a little embarrassed that I made him take this picture, but I just couldn't pass it up {AND I couldn't believe he didn't draw a lower number so we wouldn't have to wait around ALL day :) }

After the giveaway we went to McDonalds. Addison loves hamburgers and fries, but what she loves even more is ketchup! Since neither Stewart or I had opened our ketchup yet, Addison decided to dip her fries in her free sample smoothie. {Isn't she so smart?} Eh- some people like to dip their fries in their milk-shakes, and other like to dip them in their smoothies :)

I gave Addison a cookie when we were in the car. Have I mentioned lately how messy of an eater this little girl can manage to be? I just love her!

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