Friday, May 13, 2011


Addison LOVES animals! She can even tell you the noises most of them make! Not too long ago Faulkner's had a whole bunch of sheep grazing in a field not far from our house. We would take Addison down there in the evenings to look at the sheep for a while. They would always run away from us as soon as we pulled up to the fence, but she loved to go and see the sheep! So one night we went to Shoshone to Barry Dalton's house. He seriously has the perfect little set up of farm animals! He's got some cows, horses, chickens, dogs, cats, and even SHEEP! We thought Addison would like to go see some baby sheep {something more close up}. She had the time of her life! As we were getting ready to leave she spotted Barry's boys playing on the trampoline. I didn't think we were going to be able to leave! She liked the boys almost {if not more than} she liked the sheep. (Stewart's going to have to keep his eye on that girl!) We had a lot of fun seeing all the animals. {I think lots of animals are inevitably in our future!}

I didn't realize how many pictures there were until now...
{there's a TON}
What can I say? Addison is just too cute not to post them!
The sheep were intrigued by this little pink jacketed girl. She hadn't quite warmed up to the idea of being IN the pen with them, but these guys helped ease her into things :)
Not quite sure if she wants to pet the sheep yet or not... but that sheep wanted to be pet!
I used to take lots of pictures of me and Stew this way. Even though we're getting older {and I'm starting to go downhill} I still feel the need to document us too :)
"Hello Cowies... are you in there?"
"You guys got chickens?!?! Oh I love chickens!"
{Ten points if you know what movie that's from!}
("Middle America surfin' the fields!")
Playing on the trampoline with the boys {she's going to be just like her Momma! -always wanting to play with the boys!}
Okay- this dog looks IDENTICLE to our first puppy Tess! It's a pup from the same Mom of Tess (Nub). I saw this dog and swore that Barry stole our puppy!
"Brogan, don't you want to come see the sheep?! This is Family Home Evening!"
Stewart climbed into the fence with Addison. {I had to take a picture of him climbing the wobbly paneling- it was SO funny to watch!} (I Love you Stew!)
"Okay Mom- got him cornered! Now what?"
She got pretty brave after awhile! Decided it was time to mingle.
{Is this not the cutest picture?}
"Come on out little guy -I won't hurt ya."

Hands down one of the most fabulous family nights yet! We will for sure be doing this again when Brogan is a bit older!

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  1. (HaHA....first of all I clicked on your blog and Boogie Woogie Chooo CHoo Train, came on a blarin....LOVE IT...I havent heard that song in ages!!Plus Zayne started dancing.....and THEN Achy Breaky Heart...Oh my goodness, I am having flashbacks......) Anyways....I love it Juniel, Oh how I miss those Dalton's! I really think about those cute little primary boys ALOT!!! THeir girls are sweethearts as well!! I LOVE the whole fam!!
    Love the pictures!!! Quit foolin yourself you and Stew are still "HOt" as ever!!! Love ya!!