Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Crop-Duster

This morning there was a crop-duster going over the field behind our house. {On any regular Saturday morning I'd be pissed that he started at 7:30} but we had to be up and going by 8 anyway, so we decided to enjoy it. I have to say it was pretty neat. I am always amazed to see airplanes flying so low to the ground, and it was even cooler that he flew right over our house. {I was almost worried that he was going to take out our internet antana (and it took so long for our internet guy to get out here last time, that would be no bueno.)

Flying right over our house!
Addison watching in her pajammies.
"WHOA -did you see that Mom?"
It was a fun morning watching the crop-duster in our jammies.

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