Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Years Resolutions

Every year it seems that I make New Years Resolutions and every year it seems that I've broken them by the end of January. BUT... not this year. This year is bringing a lot of new changes including a new house, a new ward, and even a new family member!! With all these changes, it's my hope that I will be able to instill some good sturdy habits. So here's a list of my Resolutions for this great year of 2010. I know that if I post them here, people will expect me to keep up on them and I will be more motivated to succeed.

#1~ Read the Book of Mormon every night.
I don't neccesarily have a goal to have it done by a certain time, but I need to be more consistant in my scripture study. So I'm going to start with the Book of Mormon.

#2~Be more Diligent in bedtime AND morning prayers.
Nuff Said

#3~Keep my house CLEAN! (And I'm not just talking surface clean)
My plan is to structure myself after flylady.net and her cleaning techniques. It's going to take a while to get organized and into the swing of things, but I know that once I get into a schedule it will be totally worth it!

#4~Make a meal schedule and cook dinner for my husband
So I told Stewart that this wasn't going to be one of my resolutions because I know I won't keep it, and he kinda did a little frownie face that made me think, "Awwe man....He deserves a wife that makes dinner for him". SO This for sure will be the hardest resolution this year. Again... I think if I organize myself and get into a good pattern it won't be as bad as I think it will, I just have to get started.

#5~Get back into my size 12 jeans
Yes-I know I'll have to wait to get started on this one, but I really really miss my old body and I KNOW that if I get going to Jazzercise after I have little Addison this goal WILL become a reality!

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