Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Day!!!

We had the BEST Christmas ever! On Christmas eve we went to my parent's house and had yummy clam chowder and shrimp scampi with my family. We played games, sang songs and shared stories about our favorite Christmases. As we got back to our house we found that the power was out! So we lit some candles and did the last of our "Christmas eve work". Stewart is such a little kid at heart- I never really understood until Christmas morning! On Christmas eve I had to be the first in bed and wasn't allowed in the living room until he said. Then on Christmas morning he woke up to go to the bathroom around four thirty. When he came back I asked him if he could get me a cough drop (cause I had an AWFUL sore throat). He was like- "you get it... don't you want to snoop?" I really didn't want to get out of bed, or ruin my surprise. I told him that if I snooped then I had to open them so I would wait till later. So he got me a cough drop and came back to bed. A few minutes later he was like "ok... I'm never going to be able to get back to sleep. I'm gonna go watch TV or something". I told him just to lay in bed for a little bit longer then we could go snoop together. So he's laying next to be kinda breathing loud and obnoxiously and it was like I could almost hear him twiddling his thumbs. So I decided to get up and go open our presents... what time was it now you ask?? A quarter to five!!! It was so much fun! (But I have a feeling that our kids will take after their dad on Christmas morning... which slightly worries me :)
I told Stewart he would have to wait to open anything until I made some tea. He was sneakily opening this present in his hand while I made tea... what a kid!
My fabulous presents!!! Stew got me barstools!!! I absolutely LOVE them!Sunglasses. Cleverly wrapped in an eyecare center bag :)
My boots!! I think this is goign to become a christmas tradition! :) I love these boots and can't wait till I'm not so swollen so I can break em in!Yup. Those are sippie cups! Since we've been married Stewart has broken about seven of our drinking glasses. They're not expensive, and he doesn't mean to, but he seems to have bad luck with them! So since Stewart has proven in days past that sippie cups work (another great story) I decided to give him some for at home :)
My AWESOME purse! Don't i just have the best husband ever?!?! He also gave me tons of bath and body works stuff, the picture that you can kinda see to the left of me- it's the Salt Lake Temple and it's one of those distressed looking ones, and also he gave me gorgeous picture of Christ. It's my favorite one of him with some little children (called consider the lillies). Did I not just get so spoiled?!?!Stew's puffy vest on "flyaway" display.
AND he got me an under the cabinent kitchen radio!!! I was not expecting all of this!My favorite smell on Stewart... some Very Sexy for him! Hmm! It smells so good!And finally!! Putting together the bar stools!
Even to a pregnant woman they are soooo comfortable! I LOVE them!AND... I did manage to sneak in some Christmas baking! On Christmas eve day. I made PB bon bons, dipped pretzels, brownies, cathedral windows, sugar cookies (well actually just the dough ;) and PB cookies. No- I'm really not that amazing... the bon bons and brownies were from a box and my mom and Jon helped dip most of the pretzels :)

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