Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A little baby update

We went to the doctor yesterday and he told us everything is running smoothly! Our little baby has dropped and is head down! (And you wouldn't believe how comfortable I've been since she's been out of my ribs!) Although I have about three weeks left till my due date the doctor told us that whenever she's ready to come out we would be good to go! I'm still convinced she'll come two weeks late and be nine and a half lbs (just so I don't get my hopes up) but so far everything is going great and I'm actually more comfortable now than I was a month ago! My only problem is the energy factor. Some days I get up and just go like crazy, but other days I get up and have NO energy. I figure that's alright since this is my first baby, I'm not working or in school, so I'm going to take advantage of that while I can! Lately my cravings have been for orange juice (the good stuff), fruit (especially Strawberries), chocolate chip cookies and chocolate muffins from Costco.
So this isn't a very good belly picture, but after the long process of getting on my boots on to go to church he thought I just looked so cute... (and that's how you know he really loves me :)
I just had to post this picture. He was so excited for a haircut with our new cape! :)
And since I don't share Stewart's same excitement for haircut time, he has to bribe me to cut his hair. He helped me clean the whole house to "earn" this haircut! In this picture the vacuum was clogged... but he found a way to unclog it! What a man!

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