Monday, January 4, 2010

Oh Christmas tree!

We moved into our house on Tuesday and went to town to find a christmas tree asap! About the only place in Gooding that sells Christmas trees is moody's so we went downtown only to find that they were closed!! There was a sign on the door with a number to call if they weren't around, so I called an left a message (kinda a pitty "we just moved to town and we're trying to find a tree" story). So we sat in the truck with our headlights pointed at the trees they had lined up against the building, "choosing" our tree. After about ten minutes we decided that we'd have to wait till mornign to get our tree and we went home. Around nine o'clock that night we got a phone call from the tree lady and she told us to just go pick one out and take it home for free. We were both SO excited!! We went downtown and got our tree (only after Stewart knocked them all down first :) We had so much fun fluffing it in our kitchen and stringing lights! We only put a few ball decorations on it, but it still looked so good!! It was a great first Christmas tree for us!
Stew sawing the end off
Me holding the tree in my lap... (man I'm gonna make a great mom :)Stewart not really wanting to pose for a picture.

This picture is on Christmas morning (Stew got a bathrobe) but it's also the best picture I have of our "simply" decorated tree.

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