Wednesday, January 20, 2010


We have loved being able to spend so much more time with family! This Christmas Stewart's brother Lee and his family moved to Boise from back East. We have loved being able to see them often and spend more time with them. The other night we were able to have Stewart's whole family (minus Rick, Debbie, Loni and Ada [we missed you guys!]) over for dinner. It was great to finally be able to have enough space for a big get together! We had a lot of fun with Lee's kids too. They are so much fun to have around!
Aren't they so cute?Cora and Stewart seem to have the same problem "Saying No to Crack" So we tried to hitch up her pants with Stewart's belt. It almost worked... but not quite.Cute little Liza is just so content doing her own thing! She had these cute little pigtails that she pulled out, but I think this look is even more cute!
Last time we hung out, Cora wouldn't believe that I had a baby in my belly. This time we told her that it was her cousin in there and she'd be coming out to see her soon. She kept trying to peek under my shirt, but I told her that the baby wasn't done cooking yet. She kinda got a puzzled look on her face and said "What's she cookin in there?" Isn't she just sweet? Normally Cora isn't my buddy, but that night she was my pal. We had a lot of fun playing with Tess and the kitty (who we found is not so kid friendly :)