Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Our pets

One of the best things about moving to Gooding was being able to have a dog. Growing up I can't remember not having a dog (and a few cats), but since we've moved I'm beginning to see why having a dog was so much fun. Our puppy Tess absolutely LOVES it here and she's such a good dog. We inherited a cat with our move and Tess loves the cat almost as much as she loves her porch! That silly dog and cat keep us entertained for hours! The other night Tess was on the porch jumping and running around like crazy. We looked out the window and she was chasing her shadow up and down the stairs and trying to pounce on it! It was hilarious!
This is Tess' porch. If any of the neighbor dogs try to come up to the house she barks and growls and does her best to keep them away (even though any of the dogs around here could tear her apart!)
(When we do feed the cat) we dump a little bit of food on the railing so Tess can't get it, but it only encourages her to jump up and bark and growl at the cat even more. Lately she's figured out that she can use her paws to knock the cat food off the railing and eat it off the ground. Poor cat.
Stewart thought it would be funny to see if she liked it up there with the cat. She reverted back to shy timid Tess.
She didn't know if it would be better to jump off or stay put, so she stayed awhile then got tired of it.
She LOVES to play with anything she can find (and she's found plenty of items to bring up from under the porch). I told Stewart we won't have to clean under the porch this summer if Tess just keeps bringing all the junk up to us.
It's been so much fun having our pets here. They keep us good company and are so funny!

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