Monday, January 4, 2010

The Big Move!!

So I know I haven't posted for quite some time, but I am happy to say that we were able to get into our house before Christmas hit! It's funny how things usually don't work out how they're supposed to. Our original plan was to move the week before Christmas on the Friday. Load up in Twin and unload in Gooding. That plan went out the window when the carpet for our new house hadn't even come in yet! So the new plan was to load in Twin on Monday afternoon, then unload our bed in Gooding and stay the night in an empty house, and unload everything else on Tuesday morning. WELL, the carpet wasn't in on Monday, and they had already laid the padding so we couldn't unload our bed. SO we parked the trailer with our life inside of it at the end of my parent's lane and spent the night at their house. The good news is that the carpet was in by ten o'clock on Tuesday morning, the bad news was that there was a good layer of snow on the ground! (Just our luck... brand new carpet and brand new snow). BUT we had great help unloading and everyone was very careful with the new carpet (thank you all :)! We had inside and outside unloaders to help save the carpet which worked out wonderfully! We had LOTS of help and we appreciated it so much!! On Monday we had help from Spencer, Hank, Mekala, Burt (Hank's brother), my mom, Jon and JoAnna. They were such a HUGE help! And believe me- with the combination of the stairs at our apartment and our large furniture, it was not a simple task! On Tuesday we had help from both my parents, Jon, JoAnna, Hank, Stewart's brother Lee, Lee's brother in-law, and Mekala. We were lucky to be able to unpack the majority of the boxes on Tuesday and start getting settled right away! This move was quite an adventure for us and I'm just SO glad to be in a house in a place we both love!
And the one I owe so much to... my good husband Stewart! Not only did he start helping me pack a good three months before the move, but he put up with me through the stressful times when I know I was pretty unbearable! In this picture, Stewart had just unhooked the washer and accidentally turned the water on instead of off :)
JoAnna was a huge help!! She and my mom helped to move our kitchen out the week before, helped us on both days of the move, AND helped us clean our old apartment from top to bottom!! They are so good to us!
This picture wouldn't turn the right way, but it's a super cute picture of my mom waiting to help load at the bottom of the trecherous stairs! My mom has helped so much during this move!! Even though she had tendonitis, she still helped me pack and unpack my whole kitchen, move out of the old and into the new, help to clean the old (and even the new), BUT, I think most importantly, she eased my mind and kept me calm when plans changed over and over and over :) Thanks mom!! I sure love you!
Spencer was a HUGE help! We also learned that Spencer likes to watch CMT's world strictest parents, and that he'll do just about anything for a sprite :)
Here is Mekala... you may think that all she did was carry smaller items and boxes to the trailer... well don't kid yourself! I think she lifted the majority of the heavy furniture (including the washer, dryer, and couches!
Jon- doing what he does best! (eating). Just kidding. This kid is a HUGE help! In this picture he is snacking on the pizza that was the last burn victim of our oven :) The couch going over the stairs! (And the only picture I got of Hankie :)
Hey Mekala!!! REACH!!! lol... :)
Thanks to everyone who helped us move! We love you all and appreciate all you've done for us!

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