Monday, September 30, 2013

Swimming Lessons

This summer both kids got to do swimming lessons.  They both LOVED every second of it! Since Gooding's pool doesn't take them until they're four, we had to drive to Wendell (they also have a kiddie pool), but it was worth every penny spent!  I love it that my kids love the water, since I love it so much too.

Waiting on the stairs for their teachers (this was probably closer to the first day... when they still somewhat listened to the teachers...
They practiced things like rolling from their stomach to their back, floating, and just playing in the water.
Towards the end of the lesson they hopped into life jackets (for the first couple of days, then inter tubes) and hopped into the big pool.  This was Addison's favorite thing to do-the big pool!
They went in circles, sang songs, and held hands.

Addison loves the big pool!
 Brogan was a little on the naughty side.  Pretty sure he would drowned (happily of course) if the teacher wasn't right there with him ;)
 Brogan loves his goggles too.

At the end of the lesson every day they got to jump off the diving board.  This was definitely the highlight of the lesson- especially for Brogan, who was completely fearless!! (He would also sneak back into the line as many times as he could get away with it) ;)  Addison did jump by herself most of the time, but a few times she let the girly girl inside her freak her out, and the teacher had to help her. 

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