Monday, September 30, 2013

Still Re-Winding....

My friend Megan got married this summer.  It was a sweet wedding, and a super fun reception!  Stewart graciously took the kids home after dinner so I could do a little catching up with all my friends.  I sent him this picture at about ten o'clock (as a joke), and he messeged me, "Grab some milk on your way home".  My friends and I just about died.  What a cool husband ;)  (although he claims he never got this picture message)
 Finding out what baby #3 was going to be... Addison wanted a girl.... Brogan a boy.  The boys have it!  (And Addison was not too pleased).  She kept saying, "probably it will just be a girl".  At some point in time she's come to accept that she and I will be outnumbered, but brothers are fun :)
 This kid is just cool.  PERIOD.
 Stewart's whole family was here this summer so we decided to take a family picture.  While getting ready the wind blew down this small tree in Nancy's front yard.  It brushed our car, but didn't even leave a scratch.  It was however quite exciting.  I snapped a picture of all the hoopla (we almost could have used it for the family picture) ;)
 Stewart got me a new dishwasher.  It hooks up the sink and WORKS!!!  Since this purchase Stewart has done a majority of the dishes (because he's just that awesome!) One night after he'd started the dishwasher I heard yelling and panic coming from the kitchen.  Call it a move of thrift, but Stewart had used Dawn dish soap instead of detergent.  He came upon his own mess in mid-cycle.
 If you were wondering, Dawn dish soap will clean your dieshes (it will just take 4 or 5 cycles to get it all out...) it will also mop your floors (or get you started in that process).
 Brogan had to visit the ER one night.  He had a mosquito bite that he wouldn't leave alone, and it got infected with Staph.  His whole calf was hot and swollen.  While he wasn't bothered by this (of course) it worried Stew and I.  So a late night visit to the ER, some medicine, and a follow up to the clinic in Twin...
 ...He's good to go!.  Toughie.
 Addison (voluntarily) curled up on the couch after church and took a cute little nap.  She's not so into napping these days so it was nice for all of us.
 Visiting Grandma at work for lunch, the kids love to write on her white board.  Addison drew this picture of a lady.  (If you look closely you can see she drew boobs, and a shirt over top to cover them).   Clever and modest that girl :)
 Brogan is also anti-nap these days.  We try to have a "quiet time" every day.  The kids have to sit on the couch for 30-45 minutes (or until they fall asleep).  Most days they pop up every 15 minutes to say, "mom can we get up now?"  Some days this happens.  It's nice for mom.
 Twenty-six weeks.  Growing Belly!
 Some days we get bored at home.  Some days the kids are pretty good.  Days like this deserve a lunch out to McDonald's.
 With Ice Cream.
 Dad had just mowed the lawn.... Hello Shrek
 ... and another shrek.
 Brogan fell asleep on the floor.... JoAnna crashed next to him.  So sweet.
 When we behave at the mall, a little spoiling is in order.  Ha.  It's amazing what kids will do for a 30 second forward-backward motion "ride".
 I've been in the mood to bake lately!  The kids don't seem to mind.

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