Monday, September 30, 2013

Black-tail Triathlon

I did a triathlon in June.  The VERY beginning of June.  I did the Black-tail sprint triathlon in Idaho Falls.  My first one ever and come to find out, one of the toughest courses in the West. (Every one there was decked out to the nines in Tri gear, had the best bikes, suits, shoes... all of it.  Although it was a little intimidating, I did fine in my boating wet-suit and yoga pants) ;)  Thank goodness I got a road-bike for Mother's day (below) because after my (very chilly) swim (which I kicked butt on -came in like 12th on the swim) I had to bike up an 11% grade for .8 miles (and there were plenty of hills after the grade too).  No- I did not prepare for climbing (or descending) that steep of a hill, and even had to walk my bike a little ways up it (get a drink before you get on your bike- cause if you drop your water bottle, good luck getting back in the seat on an 11% grade!).  I did manage to get back on the bike though, and did really sucky on that portion, but okay on the run.  The whole experience was one I crave to do again.  What a challenge!  I did get third in my age-group (women 21-31), and considering there was only four of us in it, I'm glad I got third ;) Next year I might try something a little flatter, but I have every intention of competing again.  LOVED it!  Oh- and I was three months pregnant at the time!  (something NOT to forget)
My transition area.  I was pretty proud of how quickly I transitioned for my first tri! 
Stewart has a few more pictures on his phone,  but I don't have them yet.  Someday maybe I'll post them. 

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