Monday, September 30, 2013


We decided to head up to Anderson for a camping trip this summer.  We planned on just camping right on the reservoir and splashing around in the water all day, but when we got there it looked like this... 
If you've never been to Anderson before, the water usually covers all that sand... by a lot!  Since we didn't want to pull the trailer onto the sand, and since there wasn't much room with all the boaters that were up there, we decided to drive up to the hot pots and camp just past Pine. 
 We took my Grandparent's camp trailer (SOOO NICE), so our camp was pretty simple to set up.
 Before we even got things set up, Addison already looked like this... dirt feet.
 We camped right next to a shallow little outlet, and our spot had the perfect little dip into it.  We had fun putting our floatie toys in the water, dragging the kids up the stream a ways, then sending them down.  It was cold, but we all enjoyed it!
 The kids loved that they could walk to the water and play
 This girl loves dirt :)
 The next day we hiked over to the hot springs and after some searching found the perfect little hot pot.
 The water temp was perfect, and there weren't too many people there- it was nice!

 The kids took turns floating down the big river and being pulled back in.

Addison always asks when we can "go on camp-out" again.  We did go to my Grandpa Funk's family reunion and stayed over night, but Brogan got sick so we left a little early from that.  Next summer we will be camping fools FOR SURE! The kids loved it.

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