Monday, September 30, 2013


This is another catch up post.  All these pictures are from sometime Spring/Summer/Fall of 2013.  
Brogan napping. 
 Some days we build forts.
 Brogan wearing his "work shirt" (Stewart wears polos to work) and his work hat.
 Addison earned her bike this summer.  She had a rigorous chore/behavior chart, and it took her a little longer than she planned, but she earned it!  (Brogan also earned his, but it took much longer, and he hasn't quite figured it all out yet).  Addison has been a great sharer/pusher though!

 Having dinner at Jaime's house with all our friends!
 Taking care of Brooklyn.  (Addison wore her new helmet for about a week).
 "Uncle" Alex has the coolest airsoft guns, and he is Brogan's favorite!  "Teaching" him how to shoot (or aim rather).
 One of the many fits of Brogan.  He is a really soft hearted kid, and really hates to get in trouble!
 Helping on the farm.  Dad is driving the swather and Brogan is pretty jealous!

 Helping Grandpa fix the tractor.  He's a super good tool holder. :)
 Brogan playing at Jaime's house (he LOVES Jaime).  Do you like his shoes? ;)
 Cowboy Brogan holding his pretzel stick... in his toes.  Yes.  This kid kills me. :)
 Addison in her dress up clothes, being a goof.
 Brogan being a goof.
Both of them being a goof. 
 Hanging out with friends!
 Chasing the cows with Grandpa Jensen.  He's holding Brogan and they are literally chasing the cows.  Funnest thing to watch.... EVER!
 Addison earned new goggles this summer.  Just in time for swimming lessons!
 Enjoying the Ranch Rodeo (even though it was windy and rainy!)
 Ranch Rodeo love!
 Mom did a craft!  Chalkboard paint, and little color love and...
 viola.  A beautiful addition to our dining room.
Stewart took on an insanity challenge.  Addison loves to workout too now. 
 My twenty week "Bump"!
 Rick and Debi, and aunt Shannon were all out here this summer.  Fun cousin love shucking corn!
 I had to take ONE summer math class to finish my degree.  I did it online, and it was pretty easy (just stupid math that no one will ever... EVER use again).  I passed, but was pretty worried about my final (you have to get a C on the final to pass the course).  So I studied (I know- who am I?!?!)  After hours of studying and taking about four page of study notes for the final, I came back to the desk to find this.  Someone else wanted to help me take notes... on top of my notes.  This is a common thing for me to find.  Welcome to motherhood!
 My Uncle Niel brought his family out this summer.  My kids absolutely LOVED hanging out with my cousin Caleb.  He took them on so many "Adventures", through the stickers and weeds, into the pastures, down all the dirt roads and on all the old equipment... they loved it!

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