Saturday, October 27, 2012

Shoshone Falls/Shoshone Ice Caves 2012

The day my brother Josh got into town we decided to picnic at Shoshone Falls in Twin, then head out to Shoshone Ice Caves (those are actually in Shoshone).  
Grandpa Jensen with all his Jensen grand babies (ready to run)
 Josh got into town and met us while we were shopping at Vicker's Country store.  I was so excited to see him and as he joined our little group of three people I said "HI!" all excited.  He gave Stewart and JoAnna a hug and turned around and walked away.  I was a little hurt that he didn't even give me the time of day!  I told my mom and she told him to come find me and give me a hug.  Turns out with my short dark hair he didn't even recognize me!  He thought I was a store employee.  Good save brother.  But next time no excuses! ;)
 We went to the Ice Caves and Stewart was his silly self, just being a goof ball.  Apparently he was really cool because...
 after he had antlers, everyone wanted antlers!
 Weston and Robin!
 If you've never been to the Ice caves, it's worth your money just to see these awesome statues of "ancient Idahoan Indians".  Classic.
 Our Whole Group!
 Our family with the green dinasour
 Josh and Dorothy's family.  (Paisley and Weston)

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