Saturday, October 27, 2012

Summer Storms

I usually love a good summer storm.  I like the smell rain hitting dry dirt, and love watching lightning streak across the sky.  However, this summer we experienced a total windstorm that I was not a fan of.  

Stewart was working late so the kids and I decided to walk to cooks, rent a movie and grab some dinner from the deli.  It looked a little gloomy out, but it wasn't windy. It looked like it would take awhile for the storm to roll in, so we braved it.  As SOON as we got to cooks the power went out.  I thought, oh great, better make our way home quickly.  As SOON as I walked out the door the biggest gusts of wind started blowing!  It was blowing dirt and branches so hard that you couldn't hardly see!  There I was stuck in a powerless cooks with two kids in a double stroller.  Stewart was only in Burley and they were going to close cooks.  Thankfully one of the guys who worked there (who I went to high school with)  Offered to  give me and the kids a ride home.  I was SO grateful to him!  When we got home I decided to run back to cooks and grab the stroller.  As I drove the four blocks to and from the store, these are the pictures I snapped.  HOLY STORM!

The kids and I sat in the dark, powerless house and listened to the sirens of police cars and firetrucks.  It was a bit scary, and I was wishing Stewart was home to comfort me, but I was glad I had my babies curled up with me.  It was a storm to remember!

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