Thursday, October 25, 2012

Family Picture Time!

This summer both my brothers came home with their families.  It was such a great time.  I wish they just lived here, that would be awesome!  While everyone was home we had a family picture session on my parent's newly finished porch stairs.  I think they turned out all right.
My kids would not behave without holding a kitty (those are Addison's "babies").
 Eventually Addison had to have a kitty and be standing on her own.
 Stewart was a little annoyed that we had to have kittys in our family picture, so I pretended to ease his pain.
 Our whole Jensen family (minus Uncle Jon).  A pretty good looking group!
 At the end of all the attempts of picture taking, this is what all the adults felt like.  (The kids weren't quite sure what was happening).
 Grandma and Grandpa Jensen with all the kids (crying or not!) :)
 Addison sportin her shades.  She's pretty cool

 Brogan and his best buddy!

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