Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fourth Of July *2012*

This year Stewart had to go to Texas for work over the fourth of July week.  It was a bummer deal, but that didn't stop us from having fun without him!
We started out in Dietrich where we watched a parade.  Aunt Lindy, Loni, and a whole bunch of Smith's rode Lindy's decked out 4-wheeler.  They were cute.
 The rest of us sat on the lawn and ate ice cream.  We didn't mind that job ;)
Grandpa Bingham feeding Brogan and Ali ice cream (a full time job!)
 Loni and Addison
These two sure had fun this summer while Loni was here raising her calf for the fair!
 We ended the night with our traditional firework show at Grandpa Funk's house.  The kids weren't so sure about the fireworks.  Addison eventually got used to them, but Brogan didn't like them... 
...He decided just to fall asleep.
(It helped that he didn't take a nap all day!)
 My Mom and her Dad.
 Audrey and Bruce.  Brogan just could not be happy!
 Aunt Chris helping Addison light her sparkler.  Her face is priceless... "am I sure I want to do this??"
 Krista's fiance (at the time) Brian, and her brother Bryce.  This is where Stewart missed out.  It's always the boys' job to light all the fireworks which provides some hysterical entertainment for the rest of us.  We sure missed him this year!

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