Thursday, October 25, 2012

Krista's Reception

Krista and Brian had the most beautiful reception!  
 This is the closest thing to a decent picture these two will take together  :)
 Look how long Addison's hair was.  So gorgeous!
 Of course Brogan was wet before the night was over...
...and Addison ended up with her skirt around her neck... but the kids had so much fun.
 They had super yummy cupcakes in place of a traditional cake, but they still wanted a cake top for their 1 year anniversary.  I made this simple white cake top for them (hope it tastes good!) 
 I like this picture.  It's very realistically us, just a couple of goof balls.
 THIS is where Brogan spent the better part of the night.  Those treats were just within his reach, and he didn't mind it that way!

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