Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Latest Bingham News

So I've been slacking a bit on the blog lately, but volleyball is finally over (we got 3rd at state!) so hopefully I'll be able to get onto some kind of schedule and get back to "real" life!

Who would've guessed that Brogan could grow so fast! At his six month appointment (a month ago) this big guy weighed in at 21 pounds! (I can't remember his length because I was so in shock by how much he weighed!) but he's tall too! He's just started "crawling". He gets up on his knees, rocks back and forth, then gets on his toes and pushes forward. It's cute. He also is very good at rolling to get wherever he wants. He's usually pretty happy, but always very heavy! :)
These two are quite good friends! (Although Addison isn't very fond of him having a binki when she doesn't) She is pretty good to him. She tickles him, finds him toys, and even gives him food. She's a great big sister and he sure loves her!
Brogan seems to find himself under the couch quite often. One time he even got his head stuck under there. What a silly boy!
Addison gets into EVERYTHING these days! (What's new). This is her latest find... the junk drawer! Her item of choice? The scissors. I know. Why can't she want the sticky notes? (but I have moved the scissors... ).
Brogan has been eating baby food for quite a while now. He's not picky and will eat ANYTHING (unlike Addison who only liked fruits and sweet potatoes). She's still a picky eater. She only eats a tad bit and most of it has to have ketchup on it for her to actually swallow it. Unless of course.... it comes off of Brogan's spoon.
She'll eat ANYTHING that Brogan is being fed!
Brogan loves to eat! Look at that happy boy!
Uncle Jon is going to Toronto Canada on his mission! He reports to the MTC on November 11! He gave a great talk today in church. I know he will make a great missionary! I also know that we will miss him around here! Uncle Jon comes to our house just about every day for lunch. In fact, Addison won't go down for her nap until after 1:00 (about the time Jon goes back to work). I know he'll miss the babies, but we'll be sure to color lots of pictures to send him!

These next few pictures.... ya, there just might not be words for them. I'll just say that I have an adorable little girl, and she definitely is herself!

We went to Twin Falls and she HAD to wear this hat. She wouldn't let me help her put it on straight so it's crooked in her face. (Then she wouldn't let me take a picture so I had to take one in the rear-view mirror).
Addison's favorite shoes are her boots. She can get them out of her drawer, and put them on by herself (and hey, they're stylish)! (She also prefers NOT to wear pants) :)
This girl LOVES being outside! What a silly girl! (and yes- I've cut those bangs and she can now see once again!)
HAHA! Fresh out of the bath... why not wear Aunt JoAnna's cheer shoes naked!?
"DAAAD! No bum pictures!"

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