Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Learning Experience

I am coaching JV volleyball this year. So far this season has seen it's share of up and downs (although lately it seems to just be downs). My team is a really great group of girls. I mean tremendous. I see a TON of potential in them (like state winning potential). They work well together, they (usually) have positive attitudes, and we have a LOT of fun together. This past summer Gooding High school has been remodeling a bit, which has thrown us off a number of times. At one point we were barely allowed in the gym (some rumor floated around about asbestos, but I don't know that as a fact). Our gym too received a face lift. We got a brand new floor, a brand new AC system (what a treat!), and we were supposed to be getting new bleachers. The floor not being ready threw us off. There were times we had to practice around the AC guys (who were still making adjustments to the system) (which I'm not sure is ever turned on), and the current issue is the new bleachers. For whatever reason, the bleachers were not scheduled to be delivered until the middle of our season. Awesome. All of our home games have been played with bystanders watching from their floor seats on one side of the gym. It actually hasn't been so bad, and I was surprised at how minimal the complaints were. Of course, the bleachers got sent to the wrong place, so now they were not supposed to be in till the end of our season. When the bleachers finally arrived the contractors promised to work double time until they were installed (which would not take more than a week, just in time for our last home game). Hopefully our bleachers are in THIS week. If not- I just might end up killing someone. It has been a long two weeks.

I am quickly learning that JV Volleyball (while many demean it's merits) is a big deal (not that I didn't believe this before). I am learning how to take a beating, and how to (attempt) to keep my composure through it all. I am learning what is acceptable to "take" and what I will never stand to be treated like again. I am learning who I can and can't trust, and who has my back in sticky situations. I am thankful to be guided by such a wonderful Varsity coach, and to have such a supportive coach in the C-Team position. I am not weak. Never again will I allow anyone to belittle my faith and beliefs, or to tell me that I should not be a coach. I LOVE these girls I coach, and I would do anything to see them succeed; not only on the court, but in the classroom, and more importantly in life. I make sacrifices as a coach, and I do it because I love the sport and love what it can teach to our youth. I believe that athletics is never only about a game. I believe that through athletics we teach our kids life lessons and skills. I hope that someday my kids have a coach who puts them through hard things. I know that by making decisions as young people, THAT is how they will learn and grow. I was forced to make all sorts of decisions in high school. I may not have always made the right decisions, but I learned from each decision I made, and I'm glad my coaches, teachers, and advisors cared enough about me to put me through hard things. I am strong. I will not be affected by the things that are said to me in anger, no matter how deep my wounds. I will learn from this experience, and become stronger.

"No on can make you feel inferior without your consent"
~Eleanor Roosevelt

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