Monday, October 31, 2011

~Halloween 2011~

This Halloween has been a pretty fun one! Addison is at that age where everything is new, but fun. She loves to be involved in whatever we're doing, and I think she had a lot of fun this Halloween! I know this Halloween has been more fun than any other I've ever had, and I know it's because of my little family.

About two weeks ago we carved pumpkins for family night. We went to "the pumpkin patch" at Ridleys {smile} and we each picked out our pumpkin. Addison really enjoyed digging in the "guts". After a while though she started taking the guts out of the bowl and putting them back into the pumpkin. But it did keep her busy for quite awhile!
Brogan's favorite thing to do was just eat everything. {What's new?}
Daddy, Addison and Brogie carving the kid's pumpkins.

Isn't this just the cutest pumpkin family you've ever seen? (Had I known that Stewart would carve his to look human-like, and that I would decide to make the kids' somewhat resemble them... I would've done mine different). :)
Addison liked carying them outside the next day. I think it made her feel really important to carry the pumpkin.
Our family went as gnomes this year! We got our plaid wear and my jumper from DI, then I busted out the sewing machine! I made all the hats (with Addison's braids and all the facial hair), Addison's little skirt, and my apron (which you can't even see). I made them all today. Yes- I was exhausted and a bit cranky, but it was worth it. Addison loved her hat with the braids, Brogan didn't really like any part of dressing up, I liked that the kids kept their clothes on, and I think Stewart liked that he had a full beard he doesn't have to shave off! :)
What a cute little gnome!
Addison LOVED that Trick-Or-Treat =CANDY!!! Aunt JoAnna was working one of the trunk-or-treat booths and gave Addison WAY more than her share (but Addison didn't mind). Then Grandpa Jensen (who she refused to leave) took her around a few more times. When it got too cold, we went to my Grandpa Funk's house. He was dressed up as a very cute clown. Addison couldn't take her eyes off of him, and couldn't quite figure out who he was, but as soon as he took off the wig, (and gave her some candy) all was well.
I thought this was a good picture of my Mom and her Dad. He's holding a sleeping Brogi gnome. I sure love my family, and love that we can live close! It's so fun for Addison to come play with Grandpa Funk!
I was trying to get a better shot of Addison's costume.
There's no business like gnome business!
(Maybe next year we'll go as a family of mice... I'm so cheesy!) :)
We did go out to my friend Kelsey's house, and also to Aunt Audrey's house. Uncle Bruce was scaring kids on the porch, and Addison was pretty scared of him. He has such a deep wicked laugh! They had a really fun decorated porch! We were going to go out to Dietrich, but by the time we got back to the house, it was way later than we'd hoped. The kids and I have bad coughs, and Brogan was ready for bed, so we decided to just stayed home :( Next year maybe we'll just do trunk-or-treat in Dietrich first.

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