Sunday, October 30, 2011


So two weeks ago, Rambo got hit by a car on the highway. I was absolutely heartbroken. He didn't really chase cars on the highway, but he did chase the cars out of the driveway (including the beat trucks that have been rolling in and out). I think he was just following a truck out of the yard and got hit. I was so sad. He was in pretty bad shape, (nothing the vet could fix).
I know I was always complaining about Rambo- his chewing the siding, or digging in the yard (and out of it). And I know that at one point I actually let him out of the yard and yelled "Run free fido", but I loved that dog. He was MY dog. He was scared of Stewart, played fetch with me, and was always by my (or Addison's) side when we were outside. Rambo was the dog that I thought we'd have for a looong time. He was the "dog in the yard" of our dream house.
I'm not the only one who is going to miss him. We got Rambo right after Addison was born, and he was just as much her dog as he was mine. She loved to play with him. She loved to watch him fetch the ball, or run around the yard. Rambo loved her just as much. He was a good, a soft dog. He never was impatient with her, and never snapped at her.
I'm really missing this dog. I hope someday we find another one as good as him.

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