Friday, October 7, 2011

Excited to see Stew!

So Stewart has been gone this WHOLE week! He left on Sunday and gets into Boise tomorrow night around six. He's been in Wisconsin at a Dairy convention thing helping his Dad with the Vantage booth. Can I tell you how bad I've missed him?!?!?! Seriously! It has been a looong week! I can't say that it's been totally unbearable (kid wise) because I have had my Mom, brother, and JoAnna here whenever they can to help with the kids. My family has really been the best this week (which hasn't been an easy week for me in any aspect of life), but at the end of the day it's nice to be held by the one person you want holding you forever. I'm SO excited this week is over, and that I get to go pick him up tomorrow evening! And on that note I have a little surprise for him! (well 2 surprises, but one REALLY big one!) I can't wait! I'll post pictures on the blog as soon as I can (my computer chip is full- so I have to do some moving of pictures). I have MISSED you STEW! Can't wait to see you! LOVE YOU!

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