Monday, September 7, 2015

Winter Fun 2014

I can't believe I slacked SO hard on my blogging.  We had an excellent winter and enjoyed everything about the whole season!!!
Addison was an excellent present wrapper.
Our ward had a Christmas breakfast and the kids got to do a craft, eat, make hot chocolate, and meet Santa.  Later that day the community had a "Shop the town" type thing.  They had a Santa Clause there too, and even a horse drawn carriage ride!  It was such a windy awful day, so Stewart and Cash opted to stay home. These two bundled up tight and braved the winter to enjoy some fun!
 They even got to drive!
 Cash got the cutest hat and mittens for his birthday from Grandma Jensen.  They were a little snug, and they weren't his favorite to wear, but he humored us anyway.  He's always such a good sport.

 One day while the kids and I were in Twin we decided to attempt a sit down lunch at Sherris.  It was SO FUN! Cash was a total rockstar with his awesome hair!
 Brogan ordering his lunch
 A selfie, with a photobomber ;)  (Now whenever we're in Twin my kids request going to Sherris)
 Cash loves to do Yoga!  You could often find him doing yoga in random places.
 Visiting bullseye.

 A nice winter snuggle.
 Cash loves Grandpa Funk!
 Look at all the snow we finally got! It was a fun winter.

 Cash loves to eat!
 A fun finger painting day at preschool
 A trip to McDonald's for lunch with Grandpa Jensen
 We have a magnet on our fridge of a beaver and it says "Dam it"  Brogan just thought it was hilarious one day to ask me over and over what that magnet said.  what a goofy boy!
Beautiful Boy Cashers

Look at all the beautiful snow!
Dad helped Addison and Brogan build a cute little snowman
This snowman works for Vantage Dairy Supply! :)

Brogan thought it was hilarious to eat his nose (which made Addison cry).  So we had to replace the bitten nose with a fresh carrot. silly kids!

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