Saturday, September 5, 2015

Christmas 2014

I'm a little out of order, but how could I forget CHRISTMAS?!?!  It was possibly the best Christmas ever!
This year we had a Polar Express party with the Williams Fam.  We made golden tickets, the kids all wore pajamas, we had a hot chocolate bar, I taped a railroad track out of duct tape on my floor, we blew up the air mattress, turned off all the lights, and watched Polar Express!  It was a blast! 

Cash and Kinley are such sweet babies.  They both wanted Jaime to hold them! 
 All snuggled up for the movie
 When the movie got crazy, so did the kids on the air mattress!

 Addison chugging along the track
 At Grandma Jensen's house we re-enacted the nativity scene.  The kids did a terrific job!  Then we listened to Grandpa's Christmas records.  We danced and sang and had a fun "old time" Christmas feeling.  
 Addison took her job as Mary very serious.  She was a rock star.
 I wrote what Addison wanted to write to Santa, and she copied her very own letter!
 I love decorating for Christmas.  My house feels so magical being lit with Christmas lights!

 Christmas morning!  Cash wasn't sure what to make of it.  The first thing he wanted was some food.  As soon as we got him a roll, he was ready to open gifts :)

 Our matching jammies this year were fleece flannel.  Stewart and I both had matching pajama pants and black shirts.  We love matching Christmas eve Jammie traditions!
 Opening one handed!
 Elsa and Anna Jammies
 Addison was so proud.  She picked this spider man doll out for Brogan and he loved it! Good job Addison!
 Cash didn't have to open presents, so usually someone had to help him.
 My sweet baby.
 He loved being able to just be with us. He didn't have to be tearing into presents, or running around.  I sat on the floor with him for the better part of the morning trying to get him to open things on his own, but I usually had to help him.  He was just so content to be with us and take in all the goodness of Christmas morning.
 Addison got a doc sticker kit.
 Opening the big present from Santa.
 A train table set!
 My four favorite people in the world.
 Addison opening her Santa present, A Doc-Mobile!
 Cash loves a good Selfie!
 I sure love this baby.
 Doc in front of the tree.
 Brogan got some fun toy story figurines.
 Cashtheflash got some fun toys too.  Along with this he got a drum (all of our favorite) ;)

 So much fun!
 Our last present we needed to go to Grandpa Funk's for. Meet Bullseye, our miniature pony/donkey.  She's an older pony, whose owners are all grown up now.  She has some hoof problems, so she's not always up for a ride (that's when the donkey in her comes out), but she's been great for Addison and Brogan to start learning how to care for a larger animal.  They walk around her, pet her, brush her, and Addison can even get her halter on (almost) all by herself!  She's been a great pet.  

Another tradition we've started is to have all the Grandparents come visit us on Christmas day.  We used to try and head to both sets of parents, but with the kids getting older, we just want to stay put and relax a bit.  Our parents have been so good about coming and seeing us anyway.  They always bring their presents and the fun and love continues in our house.  We love Christmas day!

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