Tuesday, September 8, 2015


This March (2015)  Stewart got me a sweet little puppy for our anniversary.  We named him Toby and fell in love!  He was such a teeny little puppy!  He was spoiled for awhile (I took him out every few hours and let him sleep right by my bed the first week or two).  Then we wised up and got a kennel which we kept in our bathroom (Toby hated being in there in the dark by himself).  Now he's a bit bigger and can hold his own with Emmett (in fact now he's the boss).  Emmett is nice to him and even puts up with all he does.  He used to spend the majority of his days in the house, but lately he's been outside with Emmett.  They're buddies and like to dig out of the yard together ;)   
 Look how little he was!
 All of the kids love Toby!
 We had a WHOLE family bike ride/walk.  (Toby rode in the stroller with Cash)

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