Monday, June 30, 2014

Spartan Beast


This last weekend we did our Spartan race!  It was a lot of fun, and a great workout.  We hiked (straight up and down several mountains) for 12+ miles, completing obstacles along the way.  I felt pretty good at all the obstacles (the girls were much less difficult than the guys'), but was glad Helaman and Candace Bingham waited up for us after the first huge mountain.  They really helped Stewart and I through some tough obstacles, and it was nice to be able to split up burpee penalties on some of the obstacles.  The only obstacles I didn't complete were the spear throw (Stew got his!) the cargo net "monkey bars" and the two rope climbs.  I did a total of 120 burpees (give or take).  It was a fun day, and fun to do something like this with Stewart.

Photo: Burpees and Hercules pull in the distance #spartanrace #burpeeup
rolling under barb wire (for what seemed like forever!)
Photo: Barb wire crawl #spartanrace #burpeeup #barbwireformiles
Stew rolled
Photo: Stewart doing the barb wire roll :) #spartanrace #burpeeup #barbwireformiles
Almost finished!
Photo: Spartan love #spartanrace #burpeeup
Stewart ended up just running up this wall and grabbing the top.  I "climbed" up two different ropes using the knots.
Photo: Stewart pretty much just ran up the wall! He's the man!  :) #spartanrace #burpeeup
Jumping over fire together
Photo: Jumping fire #spartanrace #burpeeup
Finally finished!  Took us about 7 hours.  We walked the whole thing, but that's okay- we did it!
Photo: Finished! And we're alive!!! :) #spartanrace  #burpeeup #beasts

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