Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Snow Shoeing

This winter we went snow shoeing with a couple of our friends (kid free).  We drove up to Galena Summit and hiked one of their trails.  I guess I didn't know they had such nice trails to hike on.  They also have Cross Country ski trails up there (something for the future perhaps!)
 Matt and Kristen Rigby
 Goof Balls!

 Stewart and I
 So I wanted to get a nice picture of the two of us.... and the following is how it went down.  Stewart can be a little handsy ;)

 Me, Jaime, & Kristen
Since I didn't get a picture of Jaime and Steve together, I thought I'd add one of these beauties.  Jaime is so awesome.  I seriously love her.  This is only ONE of many self portraits she took with my camera.  They were a funny little surprise to find ;)
 Matt and Steve (Williams)
Jaime had her nice camera and took some good ones with it.   Some day maybe I'll get those and post em.  (but don't hold your breath)

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