Tuesday, March 5, 2013

South Hills 2012

Sadly this is the last year the people in the South Hills will be hosting the lights.
It's so fun to go every year and mosey around in wonder at all the beautiful lights (and bet on how much their electricity bill is).  
 Santa was there this year giving out candy canes!  JoAnna helped Addison be brave :)
 The girls that went,
 And the boys.
 Brogan meant business with that candy cane!
 We love Aunt JoAnna!
 I love you Stewart!
 Addison was so excited for the camel.
 In front of the nativity.
 Only 4 fays till Christmas!!! ROCK ON!
 Hmm... looks about right ;)
 Hmmm... not sure about this little twerp ;)
 They got to feed the camel a carrot.
 "How was the camel Addison?"  .....
 Brogan didn't feel like getting into his jammies.  He'd rather drive!
 Bingham Family, 2012.  

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