Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Princess Addison turns THREE!

Addison turned three on the 29th of January and she wanted to have a princess tea party.

Princess Taylor (Williams)
 Princess Zoey (Anderson)
 And Princess Alli
The girls enjoyed their pink lemonade, pb&j sandwiches, pretzels, and apples.  For dessert: Cupcakes!
 Addison and her friends excited to open presents!
 Each princess (and prince) got to have their own candle in their cupcake.  So fun.
Prince Charming enjoyed supervising the ladies for a day.
 Such precious little girl hugs

 We also had a family party for her on the weekend.  
 Bruce and Audrey gave her this doll with a bath set.  It is the most coveted set of toys in this house.  The fight between Brogan and Addison for this doll is unbelievable :) 
Mom and Dad got her a cash register with a grocery store set.  It too has been fought over.  Probably because it makes the most annoying noises, and everyone loves to be the one making annoying noises :)  Thankfully the batteries are starting to give. 
What a cute Princess
 Addison's princess Cake I whipped up (super quick)
 It was pretty yummy too.  Chocolate, strawberry, and white with buttercream frosting.  mmm.
Addison- I can't believe you're already THREE!  You are such a beautiful girl, with a growing personality.  You are a super big sister, and love to help (most of the time).  You have your own attitude, and give the best loves ever.  Thanks for being my sweet little girl!

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