Thursday, July 21, 2016

Brogan Wrestles 2015

Brogan enjoyed being part of the Cobra Wrestling club this winter.  It was his first experience with wrestling, and he learned a lot and had tons of fun.  Lenny Gillette and Clint Rogers did such a good job coaching the little guys and making it fun for them.  Brogan was a heavy 4 year old (who turned 5 during the season), so he ended up wrestling older kids, most of which had a year or two under their belt.  He got a little discouraged when he lost to these kids (especially when they creamed him quick and hard) but he learned a lot and got a few medals out of it.  

His cousin Crew came to watch him.  He loves baby Crew!
 Cooper Rogers and Brogan.  They're in the same grade (Coopers about 6 months older).  Bet you'd never guess that ;)
 Brogan on a good day of wrestling- ready to go.  He totally went out and wrestled and didnt' give up and ended up winning!  I have the cutest video of him so excited after he won!
Prior Gillette, Brogan, and Cade Williams.  All three of them took home a medal from this tournament!
 Cade, Brogan and Cooper.  Brogan's first meet and he meddled here too!
 Such fun boys.  They are going to be great friends growing up!

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