Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Disneyland 2015 Day 1

This year we were able to go to Disneyland as a family!  (We even got to take Grandma, which was so much fun!)

We loaded up in the car early on a Sunday morning, with the  back of the black suburban packed to the brim, kids in jammies and carseat, prepped with car games, snacks, drinks and plenty of movies and books and blankets, stroller tied down to the top, whistling in the wind as we drove.  I was very worried about the drive.  I actually had nightmares.  I mean who takes  their husband, mom, 4 year old, 5 year old, and 15 month old on a 12 hour car trip?  The kids actually did SUPER though!  They hardly whined or complained and ended up enjoying the trip.  (phew)
 We got to our hotel Sunday night in time to watch some fireworks across the way at Disneyland.  It was so exciting, we almost had a hard time getting to sleep! ;)  But we knew we had to get up early, and be the first ones there!

I made matching shirts for each family member.  When we go again I will do this for everyday we're at the park.  SO easy to keep track of your kids (and husband) when their shirt stands out! On our first day we started in fantasyland with the dumbo ride.
 Addison and Brogan LOVED it!  Cash on the other hand, had to get used to some of the rides. :)

 I'm getting a little old for the tea cups.  At what age do you start getting sick from getting dizzy?
 Waiting to drive some go carts!
 Poor Cashie was too small for the go carts.  He waited in line with us for so long only to be told he couldn't go.  Thankfully disneyland has an awesome "rider switch" policy, so Grandma could cut back to the front of the line and take another kid.

 The kids loved this wet globe.  It was starting to get hot!
 Meeting Thor.  Brogan was in heaven.
 Captain America!! :)
 Dancing to the mariachi band.
 Addison and Brogan absolutely LOVED Tarzan's treehouse.  They could've played all day in it if we would have let them!

 Splash Mountain was also a hit!  We fast passed it and did it in the heat of the day.  SO nice to be wet when it's hot :)

 Thought this sign was funny.
 We ate dinner at Goofy's Kitchen Monday night.  What a great place!  We were able to eat at a buffet, and meet tons of characters during dinner!
 Addison and Brogan loved meeting the characters.  It was magical to see them light up and get excited.
 Cash on the other hand, wasn't sure about the characters.  That didn't change :)

 The back of our shirts.  (Casssshhhh!) ;)

 Waiting for dinner we were sooooo tired! (The adults were anyway)
 This is how Brogan spent most of dinner... hopping up and down waiting for a character to come around and visit him.
 Cash loved the all you could eat! It was a fun kids type menu with good mac and cheese, pizza, hot dogs, french fries.... and ice cream.

 After dinner the kids found this cool car in the restaurant  and HAD to have a picture in it. :)
Day one was a BLAST!  Our hotel was more than a few blocks away, so we drove to the park.  I was glad we didn't opt for the extra walking!

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