Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Disney 2015 Day 2

The second day of our vacation we went ot California Adventure.  The kids loved riding the bus from the parking lot to the park! 
 There was lots of fun things to do and see in California adventure (we didn't even get to part of the park!)
 The kids love a carousel!  (short lines and you get to pick your ride)
 Cash even loved those!
 We waited for forever to enjoy the toy story ride.  (Worth the wait).  The kids loved doing the games throughout the ride.  (Cash took a little snooze with Grandma on this ride- although I'm not sure how he stayed asleep with all the noises and lights and air shooting all over the place)
 The kids were SO excited to meet Olaf!
 Addison did a little FROZEN shopping at Wandering Oaken's Trading Post.  (So neat)
 We got fast pass tickets to see Elsa and Anna, but still ended up waiting for FOREVER to see them.  I think the kids thought they were worth the wait though!
 They were such fun characters!  Totally in character, and totally into the stories Addison and Brogan were telling.  (Cash still didn't trust them though).

 We spent a good chunk of the day in Cars Land too.  The kids love the Racers!

 They also got to meet Doc McStuffins!
I have more pictures somewhere of Addison and Brogan enjoying the "nature preserve" park.  They got to climb on nets, pretend rock climb, "fire jump" on a tire swing (even though only Addison was tall enough for that).  They loved being able to run free a little through that part of the park.  Both kids also got to do soaring over California.  They loved that, and it did not disappoint! Addison was barely tall enough, but she was able to go on the Bear River Run- the big tube ride that gets you SOAKING wet!  Brogan was a little sad when he saw her and I on it, but Grandma got him a special treat and he got over it (although he might still be angry if you bring it up to him) ;)  We also got to watch the Aladdin show at a theater in California Adventure.  It was AWESOME!  The kids really enjoyed it too.  They had fancy costumes, huge animal props, they sang and danced, and kept us pretty entertained (although Cash got bored of it quicker than any of us).  We didn't even really go to the pier part of the park.  They have a whole bunch of boardwalk rides on that side.  We did eat some good clam chowder out of bread bowls for dinner though.  The kids enjoyed sitting right on the edge of "the pier" and watching (and feeding) the ducks.  It was a fun memory!

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