Monday, March 16, 2015

The Beach!

This summer we had a couple good friends who invited us to their beaches.  Sandy Craig invited us to Bass lake with her (The kids refer to this as "Sandy's Beach").  It was so much fun to swim and canoe and paddle board on this little lake.  And the kids absolutely loved the beach! We have so many fun memories here at "Sandy's Beach"! 

We were also invited to "Hailey's Beach" several times too.  Hailey Dixon invited us to her families little private beach on the River.  It was SO fun!  And always warm! 

It's nice for the kids because it's shallow for quite a ways out!
 They have a nice grassy area that's great for the babies.
My kids enjoyed going to the beaches this summer!  They can't stop talking about how fun this next summer is going to be! :)

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