Monday, March 16, 2015

Tumbling & Suples Fit

Last year before our Spartan race, we found this gym in Wendell called Fitness Elite.  It features a wrestling room and wrestling equipment (for wrestlers), but they offer fit classes for .... not wrestlers.  Before my spartan last year I knew that Suples had helped me SO much, but I had no idea what it was about to do for me within the following year! Just take a look at the difference.  Spartan in June-Picture taken around August.  

 My kids love goofing around in the gym after the adult fit classes too!

 This facility also offers tumbling classes taught by an Olympic Gymnast Silvia Ivanov.  She's so great with the girls and Addison absolutely LOVES tumbling!  In fact when we had to skip the other day for pictures, I had to tell her that class was canceled because she was so distraught at the thought of missing class!  HA!

 Jaime is an instructor there, which makes it all the better!

 I love all the people I've met through this gym, and the little community we have.  Everyone is so supportive and works their tails off (And expects you to do the same!)
 Love being Suples Strong!
Not only that- but I've lost a ton of weight, and am in so much better shape! 

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