Monday, September 30, 2013

Rewind... A little bit of it all

I haven't posted in so long that there's no clean cut way to catch up, so we're just going to go in order of the pictures from my phone (the only camera we currently use).  So here's a mash up of  our spring/summer/fall 2013 (In a couple of posts)

"Helping" Grandpa Funk.  His neighbor was building a shop, and it was very interesting to all!
 My friend Malan had a baby boy this spring and had a super fun "Mustache Bash" baby shower.  It was great to get together with all my friends from high school and be goofy again.
 The same night my friends Tiffany and Ross Koyle had their wedding reception in Gooding.  Can you tell that the kids LOVE going to these events (always sooo delicious) ;)
 I have worked my butt off and finally got to a place where I was happy with my physic.  (Now I'm pregnant and it still amazes me how quickly your body can change back to flabby when it took so long to get it where you wanted.... and Yes- I have big plans for post-pregnancy shredding!)  Jaime and Dustin are my workout buds.  Never could have done it every morning at 5:30 am without them and their motivation, competitiveness, silliness, and pure awesomeness.  These two are pretty great.

The kids love to dress themselves now, and help each other get ready to go.
 We did a little landscaping this year... We took out that tree and a few others on the other side of the shed.  We dug out all those rocks and added a fire pit.  (We have yet to fill that space with grass... but next spring it's project #1).
 Fire pit
 We tore down the fence between us and the neighbors and rebuilt it.  (The view into our yard from the neighbor's.
 My garden
 Looking into their yard, boards ready to go up
 Finished product!
 We "Refinished" our deck (well- part of it).  Stewart pressure washed all the peeling paint off,
 sanded the big splinters a little
 Then did two coats of the rustoleum "restore" product.  It completely sealed the crappy wood on our deck and made it nice to walk on again.  Next spring we have to finish the little covered area of the porch, and all the rails/sides.  (I was too broke, tired and pregnant to worry about the rest of it this summer).
The kids got to meet their new cousin Bridger, who shares a birthday with Brogan! (and Lindy too).  They absolutely love him!  
Addison got to go to a Princess party for her friend Taylor.  She loved getting all dolled up! 
 Boys will be boys- We're supposed to be getting in the car, and they are both watching football....
 Addison fell and cut her chin open (just a little).  She needed a band-aid though, and insisted on putting it on herself.  Just a wee bit high- but boy did it help!
 Addison has been letting me fix her hair more and more... and she's also very into fixing her own hair too!
 She has a good sense of what's stylish. ;)
 Brogan is always in on all the action!
 Grandma stops by on her work breaks sometimes... she's always so much fun!
 We played in the pool, ALL summer long!
 Stewart graduated from the University of Idaho with his Bachelors degree!!!  Couldn't be more proud of him!  (Watching his graduation online -I made him wear my cap since we couldn't make it to Moscow... he was thrilled)
How men nap. 
 By the way- did I mention I'm PREGNANT!?!   Baby #3 is due December 7th! Our little baby boy will be making an appearance soon!

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