Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Disney Day Three!

Our final day spent at Disneyland/California Adventure was pretty chill.  We decided to split the park and go on our favorites again.  We also decided that we should snap some pictures of characters to give the kids something to look forward to.
Minni Mouse
 Day 3-Tired, but still loving it!
 We ate at Flo's Cafe in California Adventure.  I wasn't too impressed with the food (not my favorite style of homecooked food) but it filled us up!
 We did all the smaller rides that we missed on the first two days... like Luigi's Flying tires in Cars land.  These bumper cars inflated with air and all the holes in the ground released air. To move you had to lean just right.
After our day at Disney (we left around 4) we headed to our next destination: our hotel at Huntington Beach.  We picked up a pack of fresh berries from a street stand, stocked up on treats and microwavable food at Walmart, and dashed our plans of spending the evening on the beach.  Instead we holed up in our hotel room and fell in love with Duck Dynasty while eating clam chowder, chips, cookies and other great junk food. It was a super relaxing (and even fun) evening!

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