Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Get-Away Day 2

Day two was a magic morning... so we hustled to be at the park AT 7:30 to bust straight into California Adventure.  It was a great idea... until we learned that only Disneyland opens early.  Fine- we'll do some Indiana Jones first thing, then head over to California Adventure.  Wrong.  Only Fantasy-land opens early in Disneyland... so we cut our losses and headed across the street to wait in line for the opening of California Adventure.  
We waited in line at the gate, then we waited in line inside the park, then we followed a "rope" line to get to cars land.  We were the first people in line at California Adventure, and this is where we ended up in line to cars land. 

Good thing though... look how many people were behind us! 

The Cars ride was AMAZING.  The whole land was replicated perfectly, and the ride was kind of a small scale "being in" the movie.  It did have a part where you race a car next to you and go SUPER fast (like 50 mph fast).  It was really fun.  Total line time for us was about 20 minutes.  When we got off the ride total wait time was 2 hours!  CRAZY!

Here's lightning McQueen, just driving around.
Luigi's tire shop was an inflated bumper car ride, where you used your body weight to "steer" your tire.  Pretty mild and cute. 
 One of our FAVORITE things was "Bug's Life" special in 4D.  It was too fun!

 They took you into an "ant cave" for the movie.  (I'm always amazed at how well Disney themes their attractions.  Not one thing was out of character!)
 "Bug's Land" was amazing as well.  It was as if we were the ants living in the grass.  Mostly kiddie rides, but made us super excited to take the kids!
Complete with a little splash pad to keep the wee one's cool.
Stewart is standing in front of the city scape (actually just a wall).  We had to get really close before Stewart realized that we couldn't actually walk "down" the street :)

 We rode all the attractions (except the Bear River Run), then headed to the hotel for a siesta.  (So nice!)  We came back and enjoyed the carnival rides on the pier, ate dinner on the wharf (more clam chowder in bread bowls) and enjoyed the phenomenal "World of Color".  I highly recommend seeing that! We had a nice slow romantic evening, and this is where I slacked on taking pictures :)

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