Monday, June 4, 2012

Yellowstone Trip {2012} -Take TWO-

Check it.  We're awesome.   Period.
 We packed a cooler and ate lunch in the car everyday.  {thank you snow}.  Brogan pretty much never stopped eating.
 Addison kept herself busy with a lot of peek-a-boo.
 Look!  The fog is starting to clear out!
 Just kidding.  It's back.  Antonio at Mammoth Hot springs.
 We stopped at pretty much every pull out {since we drove slllloooowww, in hopes to see a moose of course}.  Sheepeater Cliff.  Pretty cool.  You can hike back in there to see the whole wall of the cliff.  Even though it was snowing some people braved it and hiked back in there.  We just got out of the car :)
 Antonio is pretending to dive into this cliff (yes- there is a straight drop off right here).  I snapped this picture before I flipped out on him.  "Are you trying to kill yourself?!"  {I guess we didn't realize how bad we are}  {just kidding}.
 Freezing our fannies off at Mammoth Hot Springs (which weren't so hot).
 Cutest thing EVER!  Brogan saw a little ground squirrel. It stopped, then came onto the board walk straight at us, then started running in circles.  Watch.  It was cute!
"Mom- a squirrel!"
 "Where'd he go?"
 "Did you guys see that?"
 Addison- "Look he's over there now"  Brogan-"Over where?!"
 "Oh, Over there?"
 Can you see how cold these two are?!
We walked a ton, then headed back to the car.  Brogan wanted to eat {again}.  So he did.
 Addison wanted some warm air.  So she got some.  :)
 Then is was sleepy cuddle time.  {He looks like he's sleeping, but he just re-bumped his head.  He's just cuddly}.
 He decided to go to JoAnna for a real nap.
But that's okay.  Addison decided she wanted a nap too, so I got to snuggle her!
Antonio also decided he wanted a nap (no cuddling necessary for him ;)
 Stewart also wanted a nap, but I kept him awake.
 Just before we got back to West Yellowstone we found this whole herd of buffalo.  There were lots and lots of buffalo babies and mommies.  The boys decided to brave them {just a teency bit}
 {This picture is out of order, but eh}  Brazilians don't have to stay on the board walk {Asians either for that matter}

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