Monday, June 4, 2012

Yellowstone Trip {2012} -Take THREE-

The second night we stayed in West Yellowstone at the Days Inn.  Look at what they had to offer!
 Brogie was excited!
 So were JoAnna and Addison! {okay- me too.  I was SUPER excited!}

 JoAnna took Addison down the slide.  Since JoAnna wore shorts she went super slow.  Look at her pushing her and Addison down.
 She went so slow in fact that she thought she would jump off the slide first, then catch Addison.
 See.  She's jumping off first.
 Unfortunately Addison went down faster than JoAnna thought she would.  And she's.... drowning!!!  AHH!!
 Good. JoAnna saved her.  Everything's A-Ok.  {See the thumbs up?}  And no worries.... Addison went over and over and over.  {and we found a better system for catching}.
 They had TWO hot tubs, so we didn't have to share with the other family that was there.  {I hate trying to make small talk with strangers in a hot tub}.
 After a little while of hot tubbing fun, Brogan wanted to go down the slide.  So I took him!
 And I went fast!  It was fun.  {See the hands at catching ready?  I pretty much hoisted him in the air right before I went under water and someone else caught him.  I sacrificed my body for my boy.  I know.  I'm pretty neat}  ;)
 Swimmin with my boys!
 So the next day we got up, did a little shopping in the snow  West Yellowstone.  Antonio couldn't believe all the snow!
 I made him hug the bear.  :)
 Hey!  Brogie Bear!  You're friend!
 I was able to layer the kids' clothes {I packed reasonably prepared for spring weather}{just not winter}, so we had to pick up a few things... like these adorable monkey hats!  Thankfully the hats helped keep these two monkeys warm!
 JoAnna and Antonio with a painted buffalo.  {Looks like JoAnna is at the 'tail end' of things}  ;)
After shopping we headed to the park, where it took us at LEAST a half hour in line to get back in.  {Thankfully we had those oreos to munch on!}
 And Brogan is eating.... yet again.
 Can you see that across the river?  There's a coyote wolf.  We decided it was a smallish wolf, not just an average Idaho coyote.  It's okay if you can't see it {neither can I}
 Thank goodness the buffalo decided to give us a good show.  Between them and the elk, we saw a ton of animals :)   Look how close this one is to the door!  We were stopped on the road forever and we couldn't see anything.  After awhile it looked like the park rangers had to chase the buffalo off the road way up ahead.  They set out into an open field, and traffic started moving, but it didn't take long for the buffalo to head right back for the road.  They cam onto the road a few cars in front of us, then walked down the road just like they owned it!

look at my gorgeous sister.
 My awesome little family!
So remember what I said a few posts back about Brazilians and Asians not having to obey the "stay on the path" signs?  Here's where the Asians come in.  Antonio asked if he could come touch, I told him no, "now that he knows the rules he can't break them".  {I know.  I'm a meanie}.
 This was the first time in the day the weather really cleared up.  It was still nice and cold though.  We decided to take out the stroller so we didn't lose a child in any boiling geysers.  Unfortunately for Stewart that meant pushing over 50 pounds of raw baby love through all that slush.  He's the man!
 Funny story.  At the Mammoth Springs there were all these red flowers that grew close to the ground.  I said look at that Addison {pointing to the flower} and she said "Ewwwe!  Poop."  Guess they looked like dog poop. :)  Not only did we teach Addison to recognize animals, but also to recognize animal feces ;)
 Brogan and Addison being goof balls standing up in their strollers.
 Stairs + double stroller= lots of work :)
 "NO! Don't go into the darkness!"  {this makes me think of the tree of life}
 My beautiful {surprisingly shorter} sister and I.

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