Monday, June 4, 2012

Yellowstone Trip {2012} -Take One-

Since we had Antonio here, and we were all in need of a serious vacation, we decided to head to Yellowstone so he could see some sights other than the back woods ;)
So we loaded up in my parents van (thanks guys!) and headed out.
(this van has a TV in it which stopped working the day before we came home. darn)
Isn't the driver so sexy?
We headed to Idaho Falls the first day and stayed with my aunt.  Did you know there's a ton of wind mills out that way now?  I sure didn't!
This van is so nice and big, the kids could get out of their car seats and roam a bit (so nice for looong car trips!)
We stayed a night in IF, then headed to WEST YELLOWSTONE!  We crossed over into Montana (um...nobody told us prior to our vacation planning that our exchange student isn't supposed to leave the state... Whoops!)  We went over anyway! haha!
By the way- did you notice it's snowing?!?!  The end of May, and it snowed (or rained) the WHOLE time!
Welcome to Yellowstone!  There's the snowy gates.
Right on the other side of the gates were some buffalo just waiting for us!  Addison was so stinking excited to see them.  We'd been talking about seeing buffalo, and coloring them on the way up.
 Have I mentioned how much I love this guy?!  Cause I do!
 (That's why I can give him so much crap).... "Hey Stewie- whatchya doin there honey....?  Taking an inconspicuous bathroom break in the wild outdoors?"  LOL!
 Brogan wanted to join the "wild outdoor" party.  (cause kids have to be changed on road trips too).
 We got out to look at some boiling water.  Aren't these two just cuties?!  BFF
 Antonio by the boiling water.
 This was the first time we were out of the van all day, and this is the first boiling water we'd ever seen, so it was a big deal :)
 This picture reminds me of how blessed I am!
 Did I mention we got to take my sister JoAnna on this trip?  Cause we did!  She was an awesome helper, and helped us girls not get outnumbered by the boys.

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