Monday, June 4, 2012

Yellowstone Trip {2012} -Take Four-

Yes- there are a lot of takes, but we covered a lot of ground!  
Old Faithful was quite the experience this time. See that water pouring off the roof?  That's from the snow that was melting at the speed of light!
 Old Faithful was expected to erupt right about three.
 Headed out to the Visitors Center before we watch the geyser
 We've still got it ;)
 Addison was so cute.  Cue America's next top model.

 Look at that leg action! ;)
 And even when I was trying to get the others rounded up for a photo op, she continued down the modeling path.
 Two fifty-eight!  We better get outside to find a seat!
 Could there be anything more precious!?
 Brogan decided he wanted to walk by himself.  As soon as he saw this stroller with another child in it, he B-lined for her!  Too bad she was sleeping so he couldn't really say hi!
 Headed out to the geyser.
 Antonio wondering what the heck we are gathering around for that is going to be so spectacular.
 Two minutes before the geyser was supposed to erupt, a downpour started, and I mean DOWN POUR!  We just stood there for two minutes getting soaked to the bone.  All our clothes were soaked, the stroller was soaked, and we were starting to get cold.
 There went the geyser, and we didn't even wait for it to finish before we booked for the van.
 Look who's drivin!  {He drove the WHOLE trip}.  LOVE him!
 We headed East up the lower loop of Yellowstone to see the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, and some more pretty sights.
 Along the way Brogan decided to make ...a... mess.  He blew out everywhere!  Talk about STINKY!  Stew just had to wipe him down outside to avoid getting more stink in the van.  As I was wiping his bum, Stewart was holding his hands, and wouldn't ya know it, Brogan finished doing his number 1 business (a straight-shot for Stewart's shoe!)  Brogie doesn't look like he minds this little spout of attention huh?

 It was really disgusting.  I had to take his car seat out at our hotel and wash it in the sink, then attempt to blow dry it with a hair dryer because it was THAT bad!
 Look... more buffalo.  {He's so close I could have pet him!}  hehehe...
 Stewart and I have a picture of us in this exact place from the first time we went to Yellowstone as a young {and newly, sickly, pregnant} couple.
 When we stopped at this little "mud pot" pull out, it was beautiful.  No precipitation, sun out, and nice.  We got 1/4 the way around the board walk and wouldn't ya know it, rain!  Then it turned into HAIL!  "What the Hail!?!"
 I wanted a picture of this guy {these park rangers are all the same, like- cookie-cutter same}, so I made Stewart and Antonio endure a story of his in the hail!
 Another place we took a picture together.  Love this canyon.  It was definitely worth the long drive to see.
 Love Antonio's bright pink shirt.
 Leaving the park, and headed to Jackson Hole, Wyoming!
 The other part of our crew leaving Yellowstone.
We headed down through the Tetons and found our way to Jackson Hole.  {Still didn't see a moose, or anything else besides buffalo and elk}.  But that's okay.  Watch out for Take FIVE!  {The last leg of our journey!}

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