Friday, June 8, 2012

Yellowstone Trip {2012} -Take Five-

This is the Fifth and final take!
We spent our last night in Jackson Hole WY.  We checked in too late to even go see the pool, but we got some Wendy's and all crashed a little early {in our teeny, cozy little room}.
The next day we met Antonio's friend from Brasil, who is also an exchange student, living in Jackson Hole.  They enjoyed speaking non-stop Portuguese to each other {probably talking about how crazy each of their host families are} ;)
We ate at this Mexican place "The three little Piggies" {something like that}.  It was good food, but Addison wasn't very interested in staying.  She just wanted to "go".
Our whole group under the antler arches.  {Damn we're a good lookin group of tourists}
We didn't SEE much, but we did buy some sweatshirts {and these awesome coats} because it poured ALL day!  The kids sported their monkey hats, and Addison refused to loose the binki all day {going to be a World War over that thing...and I'm just not ready to fight yet}
And HEY!  We found Bruce the Moose!  Turns out he was hiding in a store called "Moose on the Loose".  Duh- should've looked there first!
And finally for the long drive back to Gooding!  We did stop at the ice cream shop that serves square ice cream {From our first trip to yellowstone I vaguely remember stopping on the way home and everyone having ice cream, but I was heavily medicated for my morning sickness- so it's a blur}, but we stopped at the same shop for some.  Turns out they had sherbet {GOOD sherbet} and I got to enjoy some ice cream too.

It was a great trip, our first WHOLE family vacation {we finally took Brogan somewhere besides Twin}. 
Great trip to Yellowstone!  
 The End. 

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  1. AAAWWW. I wish I was there to go on another Yellowstone ttrip with you guys. IT looks like you had a lot of fun. Get ready for the Loni invasion. She is so excited to come back to Dietrich and see everyone. Thanks for the masses of posts. I love reading them. And seeing how much closer Brogan is to passing up his sister in height. Geesh. Debi